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App Maker

My work has led me to building apps for others, so it was only a matter of time before I made one for myself. Welcome to Smiles & Frowns.

Take a peek at my plan to help parents and teachers build positive behavior plans for their kids, plus a few other apps I've helped create along the way.



Smiles & Frowns

Smiles & Frowns is more than just an app–it's a whole new approach to behavior plans, built around what I called the "5Cs of Positive Reinforcement." It's based on a physical rewards chart I created for our three kids, and you can read all about it right here.


Summon the Chouffe AR app

Something about strong Belgian beer and seeing things that just aren't there seemed a natural. So we partnered with Metaio–the engine behind Apple's future AR efforts–to create an app that made posters, coasters and even 30-year-old images of the Chouffe gnomes come to life to tell the story of the beer.


Michelob Ultra Golf App demo

The are golf apps out there, but there is nothing quite like the Ultra App. The idea wasn't to out-Nike Nike, but to add some Ultra fun – like including skins games – for the Ultra Life.


Universal Ticket App demo

Movie night is just that... a whole night out. It's easy to see how all the pieces are ready and waiting to make the experience more complete.


The Way of the Brisk: The Game

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Perfectly stupid, and apparently on the web for all eternity. Go waste your time.

I dare you.